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About Ponram

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History of Ponram

The Ponram chain of Biriyani Restaurants founded by Shri V.Ponram Yadav made its humble beginning in the year 1973. It did have its share of hurdles and impediments in the initial stages but Shri V.Ponram Yadav by dint of commitment, hardwork and determination earned a great reputation and recognition for his authentic and unique Biriyani. Today the name "PONRAM" has become synonymous with high quality, tempting, aromatic and authentic Biriyani. As a fitting tribute to the great founder, "PONRAM" has become the brand name for our restaurants.

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History of Biriyani

The word Biriyani is derived from the Persian word ‘Beryan’ in Farsi. ‘Beryan’ means “Fried before cooking”. Biriyani comes from Persia via Afghanistan to Northern India. It could have also been brought by Arab traders via Arabian Sea to Calicut.

Our Services

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Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Sophisticated Eat-Outs at various locations like Begampur, Salai Road, NH-7, Dindigul and 4- Road, Selam.

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Pack & Go for people on the move. Various Take-Away outlets at various locations of the city.

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Free Home Delivery

Got busy with your daily schedule? Need to enjoy our food where your are? Get our delicious dishes delivered at your door-step for free!

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Cattering Services

Celebrate your parties & family ceremonies with our irresistibly tasty food. We cater & serve wonderful feast on your joyous occasion!

Mass Media Accolades

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Article coverage - Online - Yahoo lifestyle

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Article coverage - Print - India Today Travel Plus

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Article coverage - Print - Kalki

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Article coverage - Print - Aandha Vikatan

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   Ponram Food Square, NH-7, Collectorate Roundtana,
   Tel: +91 99948 64864
   Email: info@ponrambiriyani.com
   Website: www.ponrambiriyani.com

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